Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Neff, C. (2015). The Jaws Effect: How movie narratives are used to influence policy responses to shark bites in Western Australia. Australian Journal of Political Science, 50(1), 114-127. 
  • Neff, C., Hueter, R. (2013). Science, policy and the public discourse of shark "attack": a proposal for reclassifying human-shark interactions​. Journal of Environmental Studies and Science, 3(1), 65-73. 
  • Neff, C., Yang, J. (2013). Shark bites and public attitudes: Policy implications from the first before and after shark bite survey. Marine Policy, 38, 545-547. 
  • Neff, C., Edgell, L. (2013). The Rise of Repeal: Policy Entrepreneurship and Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Journal of Homosexuality, 60(2-3), 232-249. 
  • Neff, C. (2012). Australian Beach Safety and the Politics of Shark Attacks. Coastal Management, 40(1), 88-106.

Book Chapters

  • Neff, C. (2014). Human perceptions and attitudes towards sharks: Examining the predator policy paradox. In Erika J. Techera, Natalie Klein (Eds.), Sharks: Conservation, governance and management, (pp. 107-131). Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
  • Neff, C., Edgell, L. (2014). The Rise of Repeal: Policy Entrepreneurship and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". In James E. Parco, David A. Levy (Eds.), Evolution of Government Policy Towards Homosexuality in the US Military: The Rise and Fall of DADT. UK: Routledge (Taylor and Francis).

Other Published Work

  • Neff, C. (2013). Comparing the removal of the combat exclusion to the repeal of ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell’. Critical Studies on Security, 1(2), 243-245.


My publications are listed below and special thanks and acknowledgment should go my co-authors on a number of these works: Dr. Bob Hueter, Dr. Jean Yang, and Luke Edgell. There are a number of journal articles that are also under review as well as conference papers and works in progress.

Christopher Neff

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