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In my view, public engagement in the media provides an important contribution to the public discourse around policy issues. Research may also influence government action or inaction. It is critical to note; however, that there is a delicate balance in terms of how much media or commentary is useful in a given period of time, on a given issue, and how that commentary is anchored by evidence-based research. Below is a list of recent or selected media in which I have attempted to make a positive research-based contribution. In some cases, this research and commentary has had a direct impact on the nature of public debates, media reactions, and government policy responses.

My research has been noted in The New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Time magazine, The Economist, The New Yorker, USA Today, National, Salon, Slate, Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Geographic, the Cape Town Times, and New Scientist magazine. In May 2012, I gave a 'TED Talk' on his research for TED's Global Talent Search. I have also appeared on Shark Week, and written opinion pieces for the Huffington Post and academic websites The Conversation, Sydney Environment Institute and Duck of Minerva.

Selected Conference Presentations:

  • Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference Perth, Western Australia September 2013. Presented with Christopher Walker, “Understanding Policy Responses to the Big and Scary: A comparison of dreaded outcome policymaking in Australian trucking accidents and shark bite politics.
  • The Western Political Science Association Annual Conference Hollywood, California March 2013. Presented “Science, Policy and Public Discourse of Shark Attack: A Proposal for reclassifying Human-Shark Interactions.
  • Australian Public Policy Network Annual Conference Brisbane, Queensland January 2013. Presented “Locating Affect within a Policy Response Framework.
  • Australian Political Studies Association Annual Conference Hobart, Tasmania September 2012. Presented “Science, Policy and Public Discourse of Shark Attack: A Proposal for reclassifying Human-Shark Interactions.
  • International Conference for Conservation Biology Annual Conference Auckland, New Zealand December 2011. Presented “Applying Shark Attack Policy Responses to Carnivore Conservation Strategies.
  • International Marine Conservation Congress Annual Conference Vancouver, Canada May 2011. Presented “How Shark Attacks Impact Shark Conservation: Comparing frames and public policies in 1929, 1935 and 2009 in Australia.

Christopher Neff

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